HTTP-Tunnel Installation

Please visit the Installation page for detailed instructions on how to install HTTP-Tunnel.

Here is a very breif .pdf on some very common suggestions to make HTTP-Tunnel work for you:

How To Tunnel Videos

Videos to help you detect what kind of network your PC is part of, that you need to know to configure HTTP-Tunnel.

Are you behind a firewall or transparent proxy:

You are behind an HTTP proxy:

  • Proxy Video - Confirm you are behind an HTTP proxy.
  • Proxy Video ( Downloadable version.)
  • Determine if you are using a VPN or Automatic Configuration Script.
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Any other questions?

Please visit our Support Forums for assistance from our technical experts.

NOTE: Mail sending support (SMTP) through e-mail applications has been blocked due to abuse by spammers.

Application Configuration

Many methods can be used to configure HTTP-Tunnel client, with many more programs, here are some. If you have problems, contact our Support Forums Or email us to or fill out a form