User Guides

The User Guides provide step-by-step instructions on how to install and configure some of the more popular applications to work through HTTP-Tunnel.

Here is a very breif .pdf on some very common suggestions to make HTTP-Tunnel work for you: If you have problems, contact our Support Forums Or email us to or fill out a form

HTTP-Tunnel product overview and pricing HERE for high speed.

Customer Service

For any concern about the status of your account, contact Customer Service.

Billing questions, subscription cancellation requests and problems with your key should be reported through this section.

Technical Support

For technical issues please visit the Technical Support section.

User Forums

Jump to the user forums by clicking here: Forums.

The forums provide a quick resource for answers to some of the difficulties faced by our users. Our technical support team moderates these forums and frequently posts messages on the forums to assist users with troubleshooting. This area is also the technical support area.